Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Independant Sawyer

Sawyer is my most independant kid. He is always taking it upon himself to accomplish anyhting he wants. If his cup is on the counter, he will pull comething over that he can climb on ( Sometimes something that weigh twice as much as him) to get on the counter. He has absolutely no fear. He just took a swim lesson and while the other mom's are trying to get their children to put their face in the water I am trying to get Sawyer to stay in the pool and quit jumping in with his head going completely under water. Earlier this week we could hear Sawyer yelling help, but we did not know where he was, because we could not see him. He had got into the window well, who know how. He was not crying, just trying to get someone to come help him out.


Ranger is our new puppy. In this picture he is only 10 weeks old. He is a Bernese Mountain Dog. Ryan had a Australian Shepherd mix and he loved him a ton. He was really protective with Ryan and one day bit his freind when they were playing football. Unfortuanatly it was in the face, fortunately, it was not bad at all. In fact the friend cried more about having to go home then about the bite. But nevertheless, we had to get rid of the dog. You just cannot have a dog that could do something like that. Ryan was devastated! Dennis's rule is tht when you have to get rid of a boy's dog, you have to replace it. So soon after Ryan and Dennis researched, I mean really researched, what type of dog to get. After the researching they decided that a bernese mountain dog would be great one to get. Luckily right after they found one for sale in the paper. What luck!! Thankfully Ryan loves Ranger. He picked the name Ranger after polling the family on names they liked and then taking a family vote. I am not sure if Ryan or Dennis had more fun with this.

Mini Trip

Well here is another mini trip. We went to Veranl to spent some time with Grandma and Grandpa Massey. (My mom and her husband) Craig was not feeling well so we decided to let them rest for a little while and went into town to the dinosaur museum. It was way neat. The kids had a lot of fun. Ryan is very into facts and figures. He like to question things and figure out everything. So of course museums are his favorite thing. He found some rocks on display there that he is sure he had at home and was very excited. We just moved and with the move came a box of rocks from the back yard of our old house. I am sure that he will grow up and be some sort of 'ologist.


From day one Sawyer has always been very close with Dennis. I am not sure if it was because I was so sick when he was born and Dennis had to take care of him, or if was just meant to be that way, but Sawyer has always gone to his dad more. When we go 4-wheelin he always has to be on dad's 4-wheeler and he always want to be with dad whenever he is around. It is quite cute, even if it breaks my heart sometimes. I thought that is was so cute when I looked at them one day and they were on the couch watching tv together sitting the same way. Maybe it has nothing to do with me it all, they are just connected.


Julia was privileged to go to pre-school this year. It ws three days a week for two and a half hours. She loved it. I was very inpressed with what she learned. Mostly I loved getting to go there and help out and she her interact with ther friends. I have decided that one of my most favorite times tht I get to spend with my kids is in there classrooms. It is always one on one time since school frown on bringing younger siblings in to help. I always am so proud of their behavior while I am there, it makes me fell as though I am doing okay as a mom. Anyhow, this is Lulu's graduation. She was so grown-up that night. I am sad that she will go to kindergarten next year.


When we decided to move back to Wyoming, we were so excited to go fishing. We had terrible luck in KS. I think in the whole five years that we lived there we only caught trash fish and the total was only like 3. So we were in high spirits to fish in WY again. We have not had the huge success that we had dreamed of. I guess all the baiting and untangling and taking care of the kids that goes into fishing with kids was not part of the equation for success. Although last year we had great success off buckboard marina on the gorge when the fish were spawning. So we thought we would give it a whirl again this year. Not so lucky. No fish were caught, although the kids had a great time catching craw-dads.


There is nothing that makes Sawyer more happy then riding 4-wheelers. I often find him outside, having pulled something up to the 4-wheeler trailer to climb on so that he can climb up onto the 4-wheelers. In the car he is constantly pointing out 4-wheelers as we are driving down the road. DO you know how many people in green river, WY have 4-wheelers? ALOT, and Sawyer brings them all to our attention saying, "four" and pointing repeatily, getting louder each time until we say, "yes Sawyer a 4-wheeler!"

Dandilion LULU

Julia can be so funny sometimes, and sometimes I am so amazed at the methods that she comes up with in her head. She was outside playing for awhile and then came inside so excited. She had created her own jewlery. I started selling Lia Sophia jewelry, so jewelry is a big deal in our home. Anyway-she showed me the jewelry that she had created out of dandilions. She take the stems and spilts it in two and then ties it around he variouse appendages. Funny girl!

District Young Authors'

Ryan was so sick this day. He had come home from school the night before and went right to sleep. I had a hard time waking him up. He went to the doctor in the morning and had a 103 temp. It was determined that he had some rare inner ear infection that made his ear drum grow blood blisters, yucky. Anyhow he got on medicine and did get better fast, but he was not that great this night, but had to go because he was so excited to go. He placed first with his non-fiction book and wanted to know how he did state. This was the first time he had made it to state. We found out that he did not place at state, but we were very proud of what he had done.

Circus time

For the end of the year, Julia's pre-school put on a circus. They each got to decide what they were going to do in the circus. Julia chose to be a tight rope walker. I am sure that is had a lot to do with the fact that she got to wear her ballet costume for it. The circus was so cute, I was so impressed at how well it was put together. Julia was so awesome in it. She was the only one the was a tight rope walker that did not need to hold the teachers hand when she walked acroos the balance beam. WE have always thought that she was athletic, but now we are sure. What a cute girl.


WE like to from time to time take mini vacations to have a little fun with the family. We go to UT alot to do that. One such trip we decided to walk around downtown and ended up taking a ride on the horse adn carriage. We had a great time, especially Sawyer. He loves horses and was very excited to be so close to one. HE also loved that he got to sit on the side with the big kids and not in the middle of mom and dad. It is so fun to see your children grow up.


My step sister, Lindsay, and her husband, Carl, and my step-sister -in-law, Mirandy all graduated from college; Lindsay from phar school, and had a luau party to celebrate. We were fortunate enough to go and had a lot of fun. One of the activities was karoke. Ryan was very excited, Dennis and I not so much. Being the great Dad that Dennis is, he helped Ryan to find a good song to sing. It was a hard task, since Ryan is only seven. They found a song that he knew, and he waited his turn. When it was his turn Julia wantd to join him,so they got on stage and sang Joy to the World in May. I am proud of them for being so brave and doing something that I could never see myself doing.

Young Authors

Ryan was very excited to participate in young Author's this year. (1st grade) He placed first last year in his school and 2nd at district and was very motivated to do better this year. he entered two books ( My sister's dog had puppies; non-fiction and hunting with bows and arrows;fiction) He placed first in non-fiction and second in fiction in his school. District results coming soon.....

Where to start?

Well I am finally going to give the blogger world a try. I think that this will be a great way for friends and fmaily to keep up with the updikes. I think that I will start with a highlight of the year so far. We took a trip to San Antonio, TX. for Spring break. It was a great trip and we had a lot of fun. I would say the one thing that we did that was the favorite of all of us was Sea World. The kids loved dinner with Sahmu.