Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Posts!

Well I am now caught up through January!  YAY!!!  We are headed on spring break vacation next week to Disneyworld.  So lots more pictures to take.  I will try to get February caught up before we leave. 

Highlights to look forward to for February

*Julia starts horse-riding lessons
*Dennis and I go to Cancun
*Rockets vs. Jazz

Enjoy the 5 new posts!!

My birthday in San Antonio

For my birthday, we spent the weekend in San Antonio.  We stayed at a motel on the river, which was so nice, we could just walk right out to the riverwalk and we were close to everything.  The first day we were there it rained a lot, but we were still able to do some fun things.  This is the view from our motel room.
The first day we went to the house or mirrors.  It was a maze of mirrors.  It was a lot of fun.  Sawyer was so funny.  You could see the exit from a lot of views because of the mirrors.  When Sawyer would see the exit he would run all excited to finish, right into a mirror.  It was so funny, but the best part is he would just laugh and then move on.  It was rainy, but because of that there were hardly any people there, so we could go through the mirrors again and again.  Also at the same place there was a laser maze the kids could go through it was comical as well. 
Because it was so rainy outside, it was not a lot of fun to walk around, so we spent a lot of time browsing the stores.  Julia was having fun trying on a lot of hats and choosing places to take pictures.  She picked this place for a picture. Kindof creepy, but very San Antonio-ish!
Dennis had never been to a hard rock cafe so we ate there the first day, right on the river walk.  It was good food!!

Saturday was much nicer and we were able to spend more time outside walking along the riverwalk.  I love taking walks when there are so many pretty things to see.  The riverwalk is a must go place, so if you have not been there, you should go!!
This in the first eat-outside restuarant on the riverwalk.  It is also on the front of a ton of postards for San Antonio.  So I thought it would be fun to eat here.  I will admit though, the food was only ok!  Ryan had a lot of fun teasing the ducks with food.  We had told Ryan that he should not feed the animals, but when the waitress come to bring us a new basket of chips, she threw the leftovers into the river for the ducks.  So I guess feeding the wildlife is encouraged. 
We vacationed in San Antonio two years ago and were not able to really visit the Alamo.
There were to many people there, that you had to wait in line to even get into the plave.  We did do a quick run through the last day that we were there, but were not able to really read about and enjoy the place.  So we went ahead a made it there this time and was really able to enjoy it.  Well Dennis did a lot of enjoying, I do not really love history type things, but there were a lot of pretty things to look at.  And it was so nice outside, I was able to enjoy the weather.
All in all, it was a grand trip.  I am excited to go back soon.  I love that we live so close that we can visit often!


Another day trip during the break.  Some friends invited us to go to the USS Texas monument.  I will admit, I would not have chosen this activity myself, so I am glad we were invited because it was a nice place and the kids really enjoyed it.  I am really not into history, but I am sure that Dennis would like this place, so we will go back with him sometime.  We also went to the San Jancito monument this day, but I guess I was done taking pictures.  There was a very nice museum there.
On the ship deck you could climb on and play with everything.  I thought that was nice and the boys really liked pretending to shoot the big guns!!!
Under the deck, you could tour the insides of the ship.  It was like a museum, lots of displays and information all over.  The kids like the bunks the most!
The groups of friends that we went with!
A view from the fromt of the ship on deck!!


During the holiday break, we went bowling.  There is a website called Groupon, I am pretty sure that it is for other places besides Houston, but anyhow, the website will send out daily deals to various places.  This was one deal- 2hours of bowling, shoe rental and soda for 6 people, and I think it was only like $20.  We were able to get in 2 games each, but if you are faster bowlers, you might be able to get in more games.  There are great deals with groupon, we have taken advantage of about 5, check it out, you might find some great deals for your area.  Anyhow, bowling was a lot of fun, Julia was able to get a strike so she was really happy!!We all had fun and this particualr bowling alley was very nice, but I will admit, I miss the less nice one in Wyoming, simply because no one could smoke!!!!!


There is a fun place here, where you pick out a shape and then paint it and they put a nice glossy finish on it and you get to bring it home.  The kids were in heaven.  Ryan picked a 3-D mountian goat, Julia picked a huge butterfly and Sawyer picked spiderman's head.  Of course Sawyer would pick this, since at this time, if you asked him what his name was he would reply, "spiderman".  To funny!  I guess that I did not take any finished pictures, so I will have to remember to do that, since they are hanging up in there rooms. 

Nature center

The kids had two full weeks for Christmas break from school. The weather was beautiful and we were able to do a lot of fun things.  One thing that we did was go to the Nature Center here in Houston.  There was a little interactive kids center, which the kids had a lot of fun learning about houston animals.  Then we took a long walk on the trails in the park. 
The funnest thing was seeing this armadillo.  It was just right there next to the trail.  Ryan spotted it and was so happy, he had to tell all the other hikers around us about it.  Armadillos are really cute, and we ended up seeing three that day.  The only other animals that we saw were squirrels and fish.  I guess there in normally more animals to see, but it was cold, so they were all hibernating. 

This is such a cute picture of Julia and Sawyer.  Julia is constantly taking care of Sawyer, showing him how to do things, teaching him things and just playing so nicely with him.