Thursday, April 22, 2010

vacation 2010-last day

WE began the long drive home Friday night and went six hours.  We woke up the next morning and drove a few hours and stopped at Pensacola Beach.  We had planned on going to Biloxi again, but it did not work out, so this is where we ended up.  Again it was not a hot day, but Dennis and the kids were able to play in the water.
The waves were pretty big, almost a little scary for me.  Dennis and Ryan spent a lot of time jumping waves.
The sand on this beach was so AWESOME!!  It was white and soft.  I had never seen anything like it, it was lkindof spongy!!  SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
Sawyer had a lot of fun it in, digging, digging and digging.  The others had fun burying Sawyer.
Ryan bulit a nice castle, that he housed little creatures in.
Julia and I did a lot of watching and enjoying the weather while we buried our feet in the great sand.
It was a great vacation!  I was glad to be home in my own bed, but I must admit I love going places, vacationing, so of course, I am ready to go somewhere again!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

vacation 2010-day eight

Hollywood Studios
Friday morning we went back to Hollywood Studios.  We had a lot of fun.  Sawyer loved the the Honey I Shrunk the Kids play land and kept asking to go back there.  My favorite thing, we finally figured out how to make the fast pass and babyswap work to our advantage, therefore we did a lot less waiting in lines. 
Ryan loved the Toy Story Mania, a giant size vidoe game ride.  Julia loved the awesome rockin roller coaster and the Tower of Terror.  Dennis loved the the car show. 
Again, more characters and even some we got to see, but not meet, we just ran out of time!
Good bye Disney World.  We

really hope that we get to return again someday!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

vacation 2010-day seven

Day Seven=not the best day!
We started with breakfast and then the kids and Dennis went to get on the bus headed for Hollywood
Studios, while I went back to the motel room to get more insulin for my pump.  When I got to my motel room, all my insulin and pump supplies had been stolen out of our little fridge.  It was a nightmare, the motel did not want to really help.  I could not get ahold of my doctor to get another prescription and my levels were already climbing.  It was awful.  Finally by 4 that afternoon, we got a prescription called into a Walgreens, pick it up and headed to Hollywood Studios that night.  This was suppose to be our last day at Disneyworld, so we did not want to waste it.
We saw the Beauty and the Beast show and rode a few rides. 
We decided to extend our passes an extra day and come back in the morning.  The trip had been so good up to now and we did not want this incident to put too much of a damper on our trip.

Monday, April 19, 2010

vacation 2010-day six

                           Animal Kingdom
Disney World has 4 parks, and Animal Kingdom was where we went on our second day there.  This was our favorite place.  The details here were amazing.  e.i.. at the africa section the whole area is just like it would be there, even the power lines.  So Awesome!!!

We saw even more characters this day.  Sawyer stood in more character lines while the bigger kids waited in line for their favorite ride, Mt Everest. 
There were lots of fun things to see and do.  We went on a jungle safari, played in a dinosaur maze, rode a water rapid ride,(only I got went, I was the only one that did not want to get wet!),  rode more rides and saw lots of very fun things. 
This is from the Bug's Life 3-D show.  Sawyer was so cute, he would try and reach out and grab things and was very scared when things appeared to come toward him.  It was a fun show.  At the end the announcer says that the roaches can leave first and you feel little bumps on your chair that felt like the roaches crawling under your bum.  It was a little scary for Julia but a lot of fun!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

vacation 2010- day five

Disney World-Magic Kingdom
Here are the kids in anticipation.  Right before the park opens a train brings Mickey and friends to the front and they do a little show.  Sawyer was in heaven.  He was so excited to see Mickey Mouse.
I think Sawyer's favorite thing to do was see the characters.  He also got a lot more time to stand in lines while the big kids were waiting in line for rides.
Sawyer stole a kiss from sleeping beauty, or she stole a kiss from him.  It is hard to say since Sawyer liked it sooooooo much.  He kindof likes girls a lot and a pretty princess tops it all.
The rides were a lot of fun.  The kids thought they were not all that thrilling, but the stuff to look at while on the rides was awesome.  Not a lot of pictures of rides, since I was riding them.  I love that a lot of the rides were family friendly so we could all go together.  Though, the rides were great, I loved walking around looking at stuff, the disney detail was amazing!!
A few fun things we saw!!!!
A family snap shot on Tom Sawyer island.  We used the disney photo pass for most of our family photos, but every once in awhile someone would offer to take a picture!
It was a long fun day!!!!!  On our way out VERY late that night, Julia was so cute waving goodbye the disney characters at the end of the parade!!