Saturday, April 3, 2010

horse time

Julia started horse riding lessons this year.  She really likes it.  It is great for her.  She starts each lesson brushing down the horse that she will use.  As she is doing this she learns about the horse.  Is is really good for her, she loves learning and she really loves this particualr horse, Moose.
After taking care of the horse, she gets to ride.  She is learning western style.  Learning how to steer the horse and learning balance.  Just recently she has gone outside and started running around the arena. 
Here is a "Just being Julia" moment:
normally this lady is her teacher and gives her lots of compliments.  One night she had a different teacher and she did not give as many compliments.  When Dennis asked Julia if she had fun that night, her response was..
"well not as good as normal, she did not tell me good job very much!"
Julia likes to be complimented!!