Friday, October 17, 2008


Well it has been awhile since I have blogged. I got a new laptop and have not switched everything over from our desktop yet. That is a least my excuse right now. No pictures on this computer so why blog. But I do have a funny story about the differences between all of our children. Even though we know and always knew that children are different we still are suprised how different they can be. We were on a drive the other day and we were talking to the kids about school, doing well in school and how if they did well they would get to go to college and become anything that they want to be. Well Julia likes school for very different reasons than Ryan does. Julia is all over the social stuff and Ryan loves to learn. So we asked Julia what she likes about school, she said her teacher, we askrd what about your teacher do you like. She said, "she has nice shoes, I like how she does her hair and she has pretty earrings!" We laugh and before we can even stop laughing Ryan interupts us to say, "Hey how many different subjects will I be able to study in college?", all the while Sawyer is in the background yelling, "BART, BART, BART" informing us he has let a toot out or just wants attention, as he will claim for anyone at anytime. All three of our children come from the same parents and I am pretty sure that we raise them the same for the most part, they are just their own little persons.