Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Annual Christmas Letter Picture

Well I had determined awhile ago that I was going to send out Christmas cards early this year. Since we have moved every year for about 4 years and I thought that I would send the cards out early so that people would have our address. Well, as my story always goes it is only 10 days before Christmas and I am still getting around to getting that done. I have taken the pictures of the kids and I also orderd the Christmas card, now if Dennis could just write the letter, we would be good to go. Except that I still have to address and mail everything. It is too bad that I am such a procratinator, maybe next year we will send out Thanksgiving cards or just not move and that would help also. Anyhow, if our cards do not make it to you all before Christmas, know that we think of you all often and hope that you have a very Merry Christmas and that the Savior's birth rings with joy in your hearts.

Let the Christmas parties begin

Dennis's sisters and their families decided to come to WY for a little trip. So we decided to meet up with them in Baggs for a little family Christmas party. Dennis's brother from Laramie was suppose to come also, but did not make it because of the weather. So there was going to be 5 of the 6 siblings there, so we thought it was a great opportunity. Getting all the family together is hard work. in the end there were 4 of the 6 siblings, with their families there so it turned out good. We had a little Christmas exchange and played games. Great Christmas fun.