Saturday, April 17, 2010

vacation 2010-day four

Beach on Tybee Island in georgia.
We spent Monday morning at the beach.  Again it was not the warmest day, but warm enough to play on the beach, no swimming though. 
The ocean waves always amaze me.  The first thing someone always does it run out to the waves and play tag with the waves.    This activity can take many hours and on warm days leads to wave jumping.
They spent a lot of time making this castle.  Dennis was trying to reach the waves, unbeknowest to us, the tide was going out, so it was a feat not accomplished!!
Julia spent many hours maticulously placing shells on the four corners or each tower.  Remember* there are a lot of towers since Dennis was trying to catch the tide going out!*
Sawyer loves to stick his feet in the sand, wiggle back and forth in an attempt to bury his feet.  It is soooo CUTE!!
A trip to the beach would not be worth it for Ryan, if some form of animal life was not found.  He found this crab, played with it for awhile and then he and Sawyer spent a long time watching it bury itself into the sand. 
Another treasure found by Ryan! Earlier in the day, Ryan had informed me that sanddollars were actually purple.  I didn't really think about it, until later when he brought me one to show me.  I had never seen that before and was thoroughly amazed! 
The kids love the beach, we went for a walk to the lighthouse and when we came back to the beach, they laid on the sand and started making "snow angels", as Sawyer referred to them. 
A picture of the Tybee lighthouse, we made a brief visit,without our shoes, and then realized you had to have shoes to enter the buildings, so we went back to the beach and when we were done being on the beach we came back, with our shoes this time. 
Julia always asks before we go to the beach if there are going to be sharks!  We always inform her that there will be no sharks.  While she was building her castle she informed us all that she saw a shark.  Thankkfully it was a dolphin, but still great that Julia saw it first.  We saw two groups of dolphins twice during our beach time.  Very cool!!  it was hard to get pictures though!
And you truly know if you vacation well when you take a detour in the opposite direction, just so you can touch a certain state.  We traveled over the bridge into South Carolina, so chalk it up as a state we have been to as a family!

Friday, April 16, 2010

vacation2010- day three

Day three-Sunday
We slept in, then went to church at a branch Dennis served in.  There were a lot of really nice people.  Dennis was suprised how much people had aged.  (it has been 15 years since his mission, so I am pretty sure most people age in 15 years!! ha ha)  We then vistied with the Murphys some more and drove over Pine Mountain.  SO BEAUTFUL!!!!!!!
WE stopped in Manchester to visit another family.  Then drove on to Svannah, GA.
We got there real late and ate at this YUMMY seafood place.  Seriously the best hush puppies that I have ever ate. The seafood was pretty much divine. 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

vacation 2010-day two

Day two starts with breakfast in a motel.  Sawyer thinks that vacation means going to a motel. which it usually does, but it is so cute how excited he gets to go to a motel.  Even the not-so-grand breakfast is amazing to Sawyer, if it is in a motel.  Our destination for this day, Georgia, to visit Dennis's mission.
Our first pit stop of the day, Biloxi, MS.  We loved this place.  So quaint, so pretty, the beach was awesome.  We had not planned to stop here, so we just took a quite stroll on the beach and decided that we would make a beach day at the end of our vacation, and it would be here in Biloxi. 
Dennis's favorite thing to do on vacation, buy souvenirs!!
We made too many pit stops for potting and food.  But before too long we were in GA.  Dennis made reservations at a little cabin in Pine Mountain, Ga.  This was an area on his mission.
We did some driving around, Dennis pointing out places that he remembered on his mission. This is one of the place that he lived on his mission.
We ate at a local place, super yummy and super friendly.  I could understand why Dennis loved this area. After dinner we visited a family that Dennis knew from his mission, the Murphys.  WE had a good visit.  Whenever I meat people that knew Dennis before me they always have stories of him being a onry little boy.  I was very happy to only hear what a great person Dennis was from these people.  I am so glad that Dennis was a great missionary, I hope that my boys picked up on this, this was a great example for them.  

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

vacation 2010-day one

WE started our vacation this year with happy kids and clean vehicle.  WE headed our Friday March 12th and drove to Baton Rouge LA.  It was a fairly long drive.  We stayed in a motel  right on the river, it was pretty.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

WOW-10 years

March 11th, 2010, Dennis an dI reach 10 years!  That seems so crazy to me.  It has been grand, and though there have been good and not so good times, I would not trade even one minute of the last 10 years.  We celebrate a month early with a trip to Cancun, and on our actual anniversary we went to dinner.  We went to The Melting Pot.  What a fun place to eat. It is a fondue place.  It was so yummy!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Cute Sawyer

One day in March, I watched this cute little baby, Molly.  Sawyer loved her! He loved holding her, he loved feeding her, and he loved looking at her.  He asked me, "Mom, can we please have a baby in our family?"  I so wish that we could!  While we can't, we will try to enjoy all the babis that we can!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

lu's music program

The kids elementary school has the best music programs. In March it was Julia's turn. The first grader's program was entitled, "When I Grow Up" it was seriously so cute.

Julia's had a part. She was a secretary. She was to dress like a secretary. So we put her hair in a bun, put a sweater on her and attached some reading glasses to a set of beads. She did not think she looked like a secretary, but when I asked her what she thought one looked like, she said she did not even know what a secretary was, so I think she does not get an opionion on what a secretary looks like.

This program had the cutest songs ever. Julia had a lot of fun and true to her character after the program I was asked, by her, what me favorite song was, what my 2nd favorite song was ...etc... until I had named every song! Isn't she so cute!!!