Thursday, March 4, 2010

6 New posts

Well after a long time, I finally put up a 6 posts.  This gets us through most of 2009.  I will add a funny story here.  One key thing to remember when reading this story is that Ryan just turned 9 in December, remember 9

The other day Dennis and I were having a casual conversation with Ryan about his increase of back talking recently.  We were telling him it was not appropriate and wondering what he thought we should do about it.  His reply, "well it is kindof of normal, since I am a pre-teen now!!"  I just had to laugh out loud and then remind him that he is not a pre-teen until one week before he turns 13.  Kids will think the funniest things!!!

Precious Sawyer

With some of their Chirstmas money, Julia and Sawyer purchased this fur-real pet jaguar.  Sawyer loves Diego and his jaguar, so he was really excited.  I was so surprised when I saw how cute he was with the little stuff animal.  He was so gentle and kept asking us what he was suppose to do for his baby.  The animal kept crying and Sawyer was getting sad that he was not doing the right thing for it.  It was way too precious!!

New Years Eve Celebration

Celebrating the New Year just seems to get crazier, as in stupider, the older I get.  We torment ourselves to stay up, and our children, way later then we even want to, just to wear silly hats and say, "Happy New Year!"
Even Julia said, "That's it!"  She thought it was dumb to stay up all the time and not even do something fun.  I guess we need to figure out more fun things to do!!

I know I am a mean mom to dress him up in his sleep, just for a picture.  He is soo cute though!!  Sawyer, obviously, did not make it to midnight.  Julia was wishing she had joined him.  The funny part is when all was said and done, the kids asked if they could watch a movie!! 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Julia's birthday celebration

For her birthday, Julia wanted to go back to the children's museum.  Since Grandma Updike gave us a season pass there, Thank you thank you, I thought that it was a great idea to go back. 
This is such a cute picture of Julia.  She wrote 2010 on her head in the mirror.  She could not understand what I was laughing at when she showed it to me.  Even when I tried to explain it to her it did not make sense. She would listen to me and then look in the mirror and not understand.  It was not until I took the picture and had her look at the picture that she finally understood my laughing.  Thankfully she was able to laugh about it as well.
One of the activiteis that day at the museum was to make new years eve hats.  So here we are in all our glory!!
There is this really cool stop sign when you leave the museum.  Upon entering the museum everyone gets a colored sticker and then when they leave they put it on this stop sign.  So of course, since we did not know the first time and had already thrown our stickers in the trash, we added our stickers to the working piece of art. 

Happy #7 Julia

Here is my beautiful 7 year old.  She wanted a cookie cake for her birthday, Julia does not like cake.  In fact she really does not like sweets that often and will choose a healthy snack.  Not something she learned form me.  She is in first grade, and is a super good reader.  She likes being social and loves PE at school.  She is a great helper at home and is a usually very nice to her brothers.  We sure love her!!!
Julia was lucky to open her present from Dennis early.  Dennis's grandpa passed away and so was going to be out of town for her birthday so, so she got to open a present early.
Dennis has created this very annoying tradition to open presents in the morning, usually before he goes to work, it is always way earlier then I want to be out of bed.  The boys like this tradiaiton, but us girls, well not so much.  I was really excited that he was not going to be here this year, so we could sleep in.(no school either)  To my surprise, Julia wanted me to wake her up early to open presents.  I guess tradition is better then sleep!!!  For her birthday she got a desk, decorations for her room and a bed for her doll!


Christmas, as always, was a lot of fun.  Sawyer woke up at about 4am and tried to go back to sleep.  After awhile we hear him crying and go up to his room. He was crying because he could not go back to sleep and was afraid that Santa would not come if he did not go to sleep.  He was so sad that we went ahead and told him that Santa had already came and let them get up.  All the way down the stairs Sawyer was so happy because he saw gator golf.  He had originally asked Santa for a stage, and later he changed his mind to gator golf, but we never actually saw Santa again for him to ask, so he was really worried that Santa would not know.  So he was super excited that Santa knew to bring him gator golf.  I must say that Santa was super thrilled to be bringing him gator golf instead of a stage! 
Here is Sawyer with all his loot!  He was really tired and did not want to pose for a picture, to busy playing with all his new stuff?
Julia with all her loot.  She asked Santa for a bird in a cage, a beach in her backyard and something that will keep boys out of her room.  Even though she lacked the above mentioned items on Christmas morning she was really happy.  She was suprised that Santa knew what she wanted, even though she did not tell him the stuff she got.  Santa is so smart.
It sure looks like Santa loves Ryan alot!!  He got some fun big toys this year.  He is growing up tooo fast. 
His lack of belief in the big red guy has not made it as fun.  But he is cute trying to let us know is beliefs without letting Julia in on it.  He does not do a very good job, though.  

Everyone enjoying their gifts.

Dennis got each of the kids nerf guns for Christmas.  I am not sure who enjoys them more.  What do you think?

Christmas Eve

One tradition that is always easy to keep and do is Pj's on Christmas Eve.  Both Dennis and I had this same tradition as children and our children come to expect it as well.  They always say, "we get to open one present on Christmas Eve and it is always jammies!"  I use to buy matching Pj's for them all, but realized that they are more happy when it is a pair that they really like.  So recently I have purchased ones that fit their own taste.  Ryan has sports ones that are not to babyish.  Julia has a pretty purple nightgown, with sparkles.  Sawyer has buzz light year jammies, that even have cool cape features. 

Christmas Eve was quiet and nice.  We opened our jammies, read the Christmas story in the bible, watched a movie together and put out cookies for Santa.  Sawyer was so excited for the morning and had a hard time sleeping. 

I love this picture,(even though is is not a great quality picture)!  Children make every holiday, actually every day, so much better.