Monday, January 12, 2009


Christmas, Christmas, Christmas; Always a fun day. WE told the kids that they could get up whenever they wanted they just had to get us up before they went in to the living room. IT was not until about 7:30 that we hear Ryan yelling from his bedroom, "mom, dad it's Christmas!" We assumed that the nightly visits to the bathroom kept him asleep until 7:30. WE went and got him, came up and woke Julia up and then met in Sawyer'r room for prayers. Sawyer would not get out of bed, we had to carry him out to the living room crying. He did stop crying when we got him out there to see his loot. Ryan got among other things a scooter, racetrack and remote helicopters. Julia got a canopy/daybed, a doll she can do hair on and a swimming doll. Sawyer recieved a handy manny tool set, a batman castle and a diego laptop. Sawyer liked to just play with one thing for a long time and then look at something else. Ryan was all over getting and opening as fast as he could. Julia was so happy about her canopy bed that everything else took second place. Dennis's folks came over for the day and we just ate and played all day.

Christmas Eve

I think that opening new pj's on Christmas eve is probably the oldest tradition in ever. I loved it and I remeber even being the know-it-all that I was, saying on Christams eve we get to open a present and it is going to be "PJ's". I found it very funny this year when I told the kids that we were going to let them open one present, and the first thing that Ryan said was " it is going to be PJ'S!" Funny! We did all the normal traditional stuff, we made cookies for santa, opened a gift, read the Christmas story out of the scripture and just. enjoy being around each other. The new tradtion that we added this year was the many bathroom breaks that Ryan felt like he had to take after he was in bed. Normally we never see him get out of bed to go potty after he has gone to bed, but that night he was up wbout 6 times. Sawyer was very excited about the reindeer, he wanted us to find them for him. No luck there. He also wanted us to keep opening the front door so he could shout "Merry Christams ho ho ho" Julia was tired and just wanted to go to sleep. It was a grand evening.