Saturday, May 22, 2010

We love the beach

Another fun day at the beach.  Julia and Sawyer did a lot of wave jumping... 

and a lot of ocean soccer!!

Ryan found an awesome seashell!!

While the little kids were playing soccer, Dad and Ryan were playing a lot of football.

Dennis had a lot of fun using the boogey board in the waves.
And I enjoyed taking pictures and relaxing while everyone was having fun for many hours!!!
We are going to miss going to the ocean sooooooooooooo much!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bass Pro Shop!!

We love going to Bass Pro Shops.  This particular Saturday they had a lot of Easter stuff going on.  I took advantage of the FREE pictures with the Easter Bunny.  I am not sure how many more years I am going to get Ryan to willingly sit by the big bunny! 
The kids (and Dennis) love to get different types of jerky whenever we go there.  I think it is nasty and refuse to try ostrich and alligator and all the wild animals that they will eat.  Instead I get some yummy fudge!!
It is quite amazing the amount of time we can spend in a store being entertained, without even shopping!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

1st grade egg drop

The 1st graders had egg drop event.  They were instucted to put a egg in a ziploc baggie and then put it in some sort of container that would keep it form breaking.  Dennis help Julia with the engineering of the packet.  Julia had a lot of great ideas and Dennis did mostly what she told him to do. They cut two big sponges in the middle, put the egg in there with some cotton balls and then taped them together.   I helped her with the decorting, her favorite part. 
Here is Dennis practicing the night before.  The first attempt broke, but they made it better....and......

Her egg made it!!!  She was so happy!!!  There were only 5 in her class of 19, that did not break, so I would have to say that she had a pretty good egg protection.. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

School Musical

Ryan's school choir preformed the musical, "It's a Kid's life".  They had to try out for parts and spent many months preparing.  Ryan got one of the main parts as Grandpa.  He had a lot of speaking parts and one solo.  I am so proud of my good singer boy.  He has a great voice and loves to sing.  I am so glad that even though he was called a sissy for being in choir that he sticks with it.  He is gifted and I love that he loves it. 

Ryan did not get glasses, he is just dressed up as "grandpa".  The shirt is borrowed, because it is grandpa-ish, according to 3rd grade kids.  The funny thing is that Ryan chose the shorts to go with it thinking that it matched good.  When his choir teacher saw him she said she loved that his outfit didn't match, very much like a grandpa. Ryan was confused, but decided that his teacher must think like his mom, because I never think he matches, according to Ryan.

The choir preformed parts of the musical at the fine arts festival.  I have no pictures, because those are part of the ones that were ruined on the virus infected sd card.  SOOOO MAD!!
Also, Ryan had an art piece chosen to be displayed at the festival also.  When he gets the piece back I will take a picture and hopefully add it to the blog. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pinewood Derby

Well Ryan's first experience with the pinewood derby last year was not the greateet.  So this year he was not as excited, but was determined to do better.  He designed his own car and really did the whole thing himself.  It is a TX Longhorn skateboard.

Thankfully, he did do a lot better.  He was able to win some of his races and he came in 6th overall.  He was a lot happier this year then last year.

His car recieved the "most creative" award! 

Monday, May 17, 2010

Census 2010

Ryan learned about the Census at school and was really interested in it, when it came in the mail.  So i decided to let him fill it out.  He love doing it and was so mature while he was doing it.  I hope he remembers this forever, not to mention that we are going to counted as Texans for the next 10 years!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Easter 2010

The annual picture of the kids together in their Sunday clothes for Easter.  Sawyer is going through a stage where he cannot just stand for a picture, he has to be doing something with his hands or posing wierd!!  We spent Easter at home.  It was General Conference weekend, so we did not even go to church, just stayed home and watched conference.  We had an annual easter egg dyeing contest, Dennis won all honors, as he was awarded the prettiest and ugliest egg.  Our neighbor Hela was the judge.  Unfortunately I do not have any pictures, because my sd card got a virus and will not let me view the pictures from April, luckily, there were not that many, but there were some important ones!

We had our own little egg hunt in our backyard.  I think that the easter bunny hid about 150 eggs.
The easter bunny just threw some out on the lawn that were really easy to find.
Sawyer came down stairs that morning, looked outside and said with a ton of sarcasm, "the easter bunny did not hide the eggs!"
I guess next year the bunny will have to do a better job.

Later that day we went over to the Svedin's house for dinner and another egg hunt.  They were a lot more clever in the hiding of the eggs and the hunt took a lot longer.  Also instead of candy in the eggs, they placed pennies, and then had a toy shop to buy little toys with their pennies.  Super cute, we might adopt this little tradition!!

Ryan was not feeling great when we took these pictures.  He had a little stomach virus, that Julia had the week before and Sawyer had the week after!  It was a great Easter holiday and we are so grateful; for our Savior and His resurrection, so that we can live again with Him!!!