Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Last visit to Children's Museum

We took one last trip to the children's museum before we made the grand voyage to Ok.  Ryan brought along a friend with him.  Sawyer spent a ton of time at this exhibit.  It was a magnetic board with pipes and balls.  He wanted to use all the pieces and with my help we finally got it done. 
Julia had a lot of fun at the dance and groove place.  She was a little embarrassed and would stop dancing whenever some one would walk by.  She is a good little dancer though, she is precise and has rythym.  I think she look absolutely adorable in this little hat, with her cute attitude.
Ryan spent most of his time in the pretend grocery store being the "boss".  His favorite thing to "pretend".  He and Julia and his friend had many minutes of fun together.  I think they might all grow up to work in a supermarket. 

Last day of 1st/3rd grade

The very last day of school for Ryan in third grade and Julia in first grade.  It was very hot and humid, which is why the pictures look all cloudy, too much humidity.  Both kids did great this year in school.  We really liked their elementary school, their teachers and the kids that they became friends with.
Sawyer and I filled ALOT of water balloons and put them in a wagon and took them to the bus stop.   All the kids at the bus stop had a water balloon fight when they got off the bus.  An end of the year balloon blast.  It was tons of fun and I think that we will make a tradition. 
What a fun group of kids!!!

Spring Recital

For his spring recital, Ryan played two pieces.  Funny thing-he took about 30 seconds to carefully place each page of one of his pieces and then never looked at them one time during his five minutes of playing.  Too cute.  He did a great job, I am so proud of how well he did this first year in piano.  He loves it and I hope he sticks with it.
Ryan and his piano teacher. 

Galaxy Girl

Julia was invited to a birthday, costume party in the summer.  There were no costumes that were jumping out at her, so we decided to make something up.  Our creation, Galaxy Girl, or glitter girl, she really could not decide.  She was super cute and we had fun being creative together. 

Lulu's class picnic

Just like Ryan, Julia's class had a picnic the second to last day of school.  The did a lot of water activities.  This sponge one was really cute and Julia loved it. 
This is Julia most best friend from 1st grade.  The best part, she lived around the corner from us, so they got to play a lot together.  We sure miss her and her family!!!
Not a very good pictue, but the only one that I have.  This is Julia and her first grade teacher, Mrs. Castille.  She was a great teacher for Julia, super nice and pushed her just enough. 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back to Normal Life

School has started...
After a fun summer,
* moving from Houston to Tulsa, Ok
* trying new thing to do in tulsa
* a month long trip to the west to visit family and friends
* resting and recovering from said trip
* trying a few more fun things in Tulsa and new shots for school,only required in tulsa YUCK!!!
................................we are back in school and ready to bring our lives back to normal.  I should have more time to clean, rest and blog!!  All of which I am very grateful for.  I have a lot of catching up to do and I will try hard to get it all done before I get sick of blogging!!  Enjoy that last five posts and check back often to review our fun summer!!

Ryan's field day/class picnic

The third graders had their field day the second to last day of school.  It was miserable hot outside.  I vounteered to help and Sawyer came with me.  Sawyer and I helped with the cup stacking station.  This is a picture of Ryan with his partners.  It was good that Ryan was in a group of three, cuz Sawyer got to have a turn with Ryan.
After the hot, humid field day, they had their class picnic, in the shade.  This is Ryan and his third grade teacher, Ms. Laurence. 

horse races

One Saturday, while Ryan was at a birthday party, the rest of us went to the horse races.  It was fun to pick a color and cheer that horse on.  Sawyer really liked it.  It was dollar day, so all the goodies were a dollar, which was nice.  This is the only picture that I got.  A fun outing with the fam!!

No more long, beautiful hair

For about 4 months, Julia kept asking to get her hair cut.  I was very against it.  It took 7 years to get her hair that long, and it was so pretty!  After using every excuse I could think of, we finally let her do it.  She was so excited and I was in tears.  But,........

it turned out pretty cute.  It makes her look so much older, but it is a lot easier to do! 


We were so excited for the much anticipated dinosaur event at the Houston zoo.  There was months of advertising for it.  Ryan was so excited and then we found out that it was not going to open until we moved from Houston, he was so dissapointed.  Then, almost miraculously, there was a member only free preview, that would take place before we moved.  So...we went.  It was very hot outside, but Ryan was so excited, so we went. 
I will say this event was the most disappointing thing I think we have done in a long time.  All that was there, were giant statues of dinosaurs.  And there were only about 5 of them.  I am so glad we did not pay the $5 a person to see it!  Makes for a cute picture though!!

Taylor Swift concert

As part of Dennis's Christmas present,(one event a month), we went to the Taylor Swift concert in May.  It was amazing.  An added bonus, Kellie Pickler was one of the warm up preformers, she was great as well.  I love going to concerts, the show that the artist puts on is as good as the music.   I did notcie that Dennis was 1 of about 100 guys in the whole place.  We were also the oldest people there that did not have little girls with us!!  The night that we were there, they were recording the concert for her CD, so that was cool.  It was a great concert!!