Friday, October 24, 2008


i always thought that having kids close together that are of the same sex, but i think that the relationship between Ryan and Sawyer is so precious. Ryan is 5 1/2 years older than Sawyer. Ryan is always eager to read to Sawyer, who is very receptive of this. The play really well together and the older they get the closer that they get.


Well since it is almost the third month of school I guess I missed the whole first day of school blog, but here are a picture with each of the kids and their teachers. Julia is in Mrs. Gamble's class. She is a very good teacher accademically, and very strict. I have learned that julia is very sensitive. I am not sure if it is the long kindergarten days or her strict teacher, or a combination, but Julia has been in tears more than oncce. She likes her teacher and I am so impressed with what she is learning already. Ryan's teacher is Mrs. Beery, Ryan seems to like her and is doing well this year. His high light is that his class voted him to student council. He likes it, I am not sure what they do besides have before school meetings twice a month, but he is proud to be in it, so I am happy