Saturday, September 12, 2009

Galveston Beach

Well we went to the beach for the first time on Labor Day. WE LOVED IT. It was so much fun. We loved jumping in the waves, playing in the sand, looking for and trying to catch crabs and cool little fish, seashells hunting, relaxing in the WARM WARM WARM water, and just being together in the ocean!!! We will definately go back time and again!


If anyone knows Ryan very well, you know that he loves, animals, especially reptiles and amphibians. Well our yard in TX, is a gooey creature paradise. There are lizards everywhere, frogs, toads and even snakes. Luckily we have only seen one(not me, even luckier) snake, and it was not a bad one. Dennis sees the frogs and toads when he is mowing the yard. And we all see the lizards all over all the time. Ryan is very fast at catching these little creatures. Here is a lovely picture of him with one of the bright green ones.