Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rain Rain Rain!!

Well we went to the zoo and it was on and off drizzle rain the first few hours that we were there, but then it started to pour, it shorted our stay, but two of the three kids, the boys, had a lot of fun playing in the rain.  It was so warm.  Julia did not want to get wet and would not share the ONE umbrella that we brought!  Needless to say, we now have an umbrella for each person in the family and also a pair of rain boots.  I guess this takes the place of gloves, hats and snow boots!!

Here is Julia being Julia, not sharign the umbrella! 

Sawyer thought it was a lot of fun to play in the rain.  Not much different than a splash park, because it was soooo warm!!

Houston Zoo

For Columbus Day, it was free day at the zoo, so the kids and I headed downtown to see the zoo.  We stopped and had lunch with Dennis at his work and a lady at his work, loaded the kids up with freebies.  The greatest freebie was a backpack, so that they could carry all thier own stuff at the zoo.  Here they are standing in front of a eagle with vines growing all over it.  It was way cool, things grow like crazy here in Houston. 

This was so beautiful!  I wanted the kids to sit on this branch for a picture, but there is a big sign on the brach that says to keep off!  These huge trees, where the branches grow down to the ground and then back up again are my favorite!!  Aren't the kids so cute in thier halloween shirts!!  Thank you Grandma Updike!

This was way toooo cool.  In the aquarium area, there was a tube right through the middle of the water that the kids could crawl through, of course, I had to take a picture!! Ryan thought it was the coolest thing ever!

This picture was taken toward the end of the day.  It ws not very hot, but it was raining a little and it was SUPER humid, so we were really moist.  The zoo was a lot of fun, we did not get to see everything, but we are for sure going to go bcak again and again!

New Baby Alex and big sister Gabby

Alex Lee Hansen  August 28, 2009
I was able to fly out to Utah the beginning of October to see my new nephew, Alex.  This is my sister, Mandy's baby boy.  I had a lot of fun hanging out with the Hansens and my mom.  It was a great weekend.  We ate some great food, (always a favorite of mine) enjoyed each other's company, took a ride in the mountains to see the coming of autumn and giggled.  Gabby is sure turning into a cute little girl and the thiings she says are so cute!! Alex is a darling little boy and looks just like his daddy!(anyhow, that is what I think)  It was a good weekend and I hope to do it again soon!