Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Good-bye buddies

The last time we had our little co-op preschool, we had some water fun.  The boys ran through the sprinklers, played on the slip-n-slide and jumped on the tramp. 
They had a lot of fun.  This picture is one of my favorites. 
It really shows off their personalities and the great freindship they all had.  Sawyer really had some great friends in Houston. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Horse loving Julia

Julia really enjoyed taking horse riding lesson this last half year.  This was her last day and I
 was upset because they practiced in the covered arena, so the pictures are awful.  And to make things worst, the time I took pictures of her outside, I was using the messed-up camera card, so they are all gone!!

Each time she gets to lessons, she must brush her horse down, take care of the horse's mane and clean out the horse's shoes.  She enjoys this and is often talking to the horse.
I love her determination in this picture.  I rarely stay in with her when she is getting the horse ready to ride, and I must admit I was surprised by all that she can do.  This whole time I thought the teachers were helping her get the horse ready, but she was doing it herself. 
This is how she was the whole time she was at lessons.  Happy, Happy, Happy!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

mentos volcano

Awhile ago I purchased this mento volcano kit on clearance.  The kids of been begging forever to use it, but I needed to get a 2-liter soda first and I just kept forgetting.  Well I finally purchased one and let the kids have fun.  They did not know what to expect.... I told them to stand back and they just laughed at me.  Ryan pulls the pin and then....

They went flying back, each was so surprised how high it went.  Fun times!!!

This is after it went off and it was already cooling down.  It really was SUPER awesome!!1

Sunday, June 13, 2010

morning walks

I like to go for walks in the morning after I take the older kids to the bus stop.  Sawyer does not love it at much as I do, he says that he gets bored.  Also the fact that he gets hot.  So....

I started to bring bread so he could feed the ducks and the turtles.  The first few times we went, the ducks were a little shy and the turtles just hid under water and never came up. but after a few times...

The ducks started to swim to us when they would see us coming and the turtles got a lot more brave.  If you look closely you can see one turtle coming all the way out of the water to get a piece of bread.  The funny thing is Sawyer was always so disappointed that we never see the turtles, and the time that this one came out of the water he turned and started running toward me, he was scared.  Funny guy!!!