Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ry's field trip

The third graders took a field trip down to the children's museum.  They learned alot about balancing money, having jobs and playing adult this year.  So they took a field trip to kidtropolis, which is a mini town that lets the kids pretend to be adults, well the fun parts of being an adult. 

They started with a picnic in the park and all the boys played games while the girls sat on blankets and chit-chatted.  This whole year I have noticed that the girls and boys really seperated themselves.  Whenever I would go to lunch with Ryan, his whole class voluntarily seperated themselved into boys and girls.  The boys all sat at one one end of the table, then there was a huge empty area and the girls were clear down on the other end. 

After the picnic and games we went to the museum.  Ryan really likes the newsroom.  He likes to preform in front of people.  The one thing he likes most at the children's museum is to gather money on his "debit card"
He runs from one job to the next collecting as many paychecks as possible.

I found Ryan often in the bank being the manager, that way he had access to all the money.  He likes to get money.

This is Ryan with his friend Matthew.  Matthew was a great friend for Ryan. The funny thing about this picture is that I had my camera and asked Ryan is he would like me to take any pictures of him with any of his friends.  He said no, in a mom quit embarrassing tone.  So I asked if he would like to use the camera to take any pictures himself.  He gets all excited takes the camera, walks over to Matthew's mom and asked if she will take a picture of him and Matthew.  Wow, what a blow to me, the un-cool mom!!!  JK, I thought it was very silly!!!

Day Trip to Brennam, TX

We took one Saturday and drove up to Brenam, TX.  It was a very quinte little town.  We started the day browsing through the old town town shops and eating at a cafe.  The food was very southern, and good. 

Then we went to the Blue Bell factory.  It was Saturday, so no tours, but we did see a shot film of a tour and then ate some yummy ice cream.  It was only $1 a scoop and they were huge scoops.  We all tried a different kind and this is the day I tasted my most favorite ice cream.  BLue Bell banana pudding.  It was a flavor the Sawyer tried and I loved it!!!!

After the ice cream, we went out to a minature horse farm. There were a lot of new babies.  The kids really liked it.....
especially Ryan.  He loved touching and petting the little horses.  It was hot and humid and I was totally grossed out.  I mean look at how gross those horses look.  Anyway, the kids loved it and did not seem to be bothered by the gross-ness of it!!

This little horse was taking a lick of Julia's foot while she was looking at me for the picture, and she is still not grossed out!!

Even the flies, note the one on Sawyer's forehead, did not keep the kids from spending way too much time touching the horses.  The horses were cute, but the atmosphere was not grand!!!

It was a great day.  I love taking little trips places to see new things.  I love to travel!!!

playing hooky

I think I like the kids skipping school more then they like it.  I told them that we could skip one day of school in May and have a lot of fun.  So we started off the day at the zoo.  There was a brand new(10 days) baby elephant that we really wanted to see.   SUPER CUTE!!!!!
After we were done at the zoo, seeing all of our favorite animals, we went over to Hermann park and rented a paddle boat. The kids loved this.  We saw a lot of turtles and fish and one really cool big blue fish.

After the paddle boat ride, we ate lunch at Hermann park and the took the train over to The  Museum of Natural Science. 
It was fun, but more for big kids, Sawyer was not really enjoying it, that is until we came to the seashell exhibit.  He thought it was so cool and never wanted to leave the area.  WE also paid a lot extra to go to a magic show.  I assumed, since we were paying more to go to it, that it was going to be amazing.  it was not amazing at all.  Seriously, even Julia and Sawyer could see his tricks.  Lame-o Lame-o!!  

We did, however, get to look for fossils and such at this area.  The guy was a little grouchy about how "careless" Sawyer was being with the tools, but Ryan and Julia loved the attention that he was giving to their "skills".

After the museum, we went to the Miller Outdoor Theater to roll down the hills.  I never get the fun in rolling in grass, but the kids sure enjoyed it.  We had a great day, and it is days like this one, that I am reminded how LUCKY I am the Dennis goes to work each day, so I can stay home and be a mom and play with the kids!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

We are officially OKLAHOMANS

Well we did it AGAIN!!  We have moved to Oklahoma.  We have been here for about a week and it is very nice.  We are renting a house right now until we find a place we want to call home.   This is potentially the last move that we will make, therefore we are forever OKLAHOMANS!!  We look forward to a more rural life, well I might miss the urban life, but I know the kids and Dennis and ready to plant some country roots!!  I am trying to get caught up with my blog, so I plan on putting 2-3 posts a day until I am all caught up.  Hope you enjoy!!!
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Talent show

For the talent in our ward Ryan and Julia both decided to show off a talent.  Ryan played the piano.  The piano was turned around and you could not see him, therefore no picture of him.  He did a great job though!!
Julia's talent she chose was jump roping, she would only participate though if a friend joined her.  So her friend Maddie jump roped with her.  Sawyer was so bummed out that he was not doing anything that we decided that he could dance in the back corner while Julia jump roped.  Have you ever seen Sawyer dance?  He is quite the little dancer.  Anyhow he stole the show.  He has such good rythm and I have no idea where he gets his moves, but the little guy can dance.  While Julia was jump roping, which she did an excellent job at, the crowd started to chat Sawyer's name.  I was a little worried that Julia would be upset, but she was fine.  Afterwards everyone was commenting on Sawyer's dancing, even one guy who did a Vanilla Ice reinactment, was wondering where Sawyer got his moves.  It was tooooo funny.  I have a vidoe of it, if I ever can learn how to put it on here, I will!!  (Sorry the picture is sooo bad!!!)

Dancin in the Rain

Texas rain is so warm, making it alot of fun to dance in the rain.  Ryan and Sawyer had a ball playing in the backyard while it was raining.  It was really coming down, making large puddles all over.  They did not get to play very long because it started to thunder and lightning, so to be safe, they came inside. 

I love this picture, it shows how much water was falling from the sky and also how happy Ryan was to be in it!!