Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Too old for his own good

Today I was telling Sawyer that it was time for his nap and he was arguing with me. I said "Sawyer you know what time it is" and he says "It nap-o'clock"

Seriously how does he even think of something like that.

Growing up

I do not like my kids to grow up. It seems like every age presents a stepping stone that just shoves into your face that they are growing up. Ryan started Cub Scouts. He really enjoys it a lot. He likes to have list of stuff that he gets to mark off when he is done and then get an award, so this is right up his alley. I think he looks mighty handsome in his uniform, even if it does symbolize him growing up.

No Men!!

SO I had to major laugh when I came around the corner and saw this on Julia's door. "no man in my bedroom!" I think that we just might make this a permanent sign that we will leave there until she is about 30!! I am sure that being a kindergartner, that man was easier to sound out then boy, but non-the-less, I am a BIG fan of the sign.

Last year in my 20's

Well last month was my 29th birthday. I cannot believe that next year I will be 30. Really it is just a number, does not bother me too much, but this is my last year to be in my 20's. I had a great day. I went to lunch the day before with friends, the day of with Dennis and the day after with friends. I have some great friends. The evening of my b-day we went as a family to dinner and then Dennis's present to me, we went jacket and shoe shopping. I love to buy jackets and shoes and Dennis does not, so a great present from him. Dennis is so good about letting the kids pick out my presents and they get the greatet things. Sawyer got me a card (which was missing when I took the picture)of kung fu panda,his favorite movie, julia got me a book on 'momisms' and Ryan got me a coupon book. Funny thing about Julia's present, I was doing her hair and she was being a turkey and she asked me if I wanted her to go get the book so I would know what to say to her and I said "Oh-I know what to say!" and she said "That's probably in the book" She laughs and laughs about the momisms in the book. Ryan's coupon book was actually a coupon book that you give your kids when they have good behavior, but most of them can work both ways. (he does not know this so SHHHH!) so when he gave me the book he said there was one coupon that I would not like, "Go ahead and stink, you can skip a bath today!" He is right I would not think that was a treat. Also my mom sent flowers that were beautiful, Thanks mom! It was a grat day, I love my family.


With it being so cold outside, the kids cannot go outside to get rid of all of their energy. So what happens, they get hours upon hours of wrestling time. I truly think it is their favotire thing to do. Sawyer is way into acting like rocky balboa. He gets his fists ready and then dances back and forth as he is jumping, Way to cute, I should video it. Julia has so much fun, it is too cute to see her little girly self getting these mean little faces as she tries to hurt her dad. And Ryan, well Ryan is just too strong for his own good and often gets in trouble for hurting Dennis too much. aLl in all it is fun thing to watch, I am glad that I am not the one they are beating up.