Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I went down to Salt Lake to visit my GREATEST Friend from Wichita last week. We had a great time, and I miss her soooooo much. While I was down there I stopped by to see my sister and her family, when I got ready to come home I suggested that Gabby should come to our house for a few days, we were going back to Salt Lake on Sturday, so it would work out great. To my great joy, Mandy said sure. So Gabby came to our house. We had a lot of fun, she is such a good little girl. Her and Julia did so well together, I know Julia is going to be a great mom. Sawyer liked having Gabby around, but was also very into letting us all know that he was the "guy" around here. We loved having Gabby stay here and hope she will come back again.


Ryan had his first pinewood derby a couple of weekends ago. WE learned alot and he had a lot of fun. He designed his car and did almost all the work by himslef, Dennis had to cut the car out. One big lesson that we learned is that weight REALLY matters. We did not make his car very heavy and it had a bit of trouble getting to the end of the track. But, one great lesson,
you do not have to win to have fun

CUte little Pigs

To Dennis's great joy we are now that proud owners of 2 cute little pigs, Wilbur and Hammy. Ryan is involved with 4-H this year and is going to be taking a pig to fair. We will get the privilege of eating the other one this fall. Both the kids know that the pigs are only ours through the summer, but insisted on naming them, so I hope there are not a lot of tears later this summer. WE keep them at a pig barn in Green River, and Ryan and Dennis do all the work to keep them fed and clean. I must admit that I was a little grossed out at first, but I am coming around. The greaset thing is seeing how much the kids love to go there and hang with the pigs.


Easter is a glorious holiday, we get to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. I am so grateful that I can live with my Father in Heaven again. I love that Easter is all about coming to life, spring bringing all the flowers and trees to life, even if it takes a long time for that to happen in Wyoming. I love Spring!! We celebrated this Easter in Vernal, UT with my family. Most everyone of the siblings were there and we ate and played games. The grandkids had a fun easter egg hunt. It was alot of fun.

Little Jumping Bean

Julia is in love with the jump rope. This is her new talent, she will spend hours upon hours of jumping rope. It is the first thing she does in the morning and the last thing before bed. She has even started to write her own chats for jump roping. One involves "hooking" up with a boy that starts with the letter of the alphabet that she messes up on. Way to young to do that!! Where do they come up with this stuff?!?!?!

Coloring Eggs

Our annual coloring eggs event went well. We love to color eggs and the kids have so much fun. We always have a competition for the prettiest egg and the ugliest egg. I think that the ugliest is for the person that tries way to much to make their egg pretty that it turns ugly. Dennis is a pro at this and Ryan is following in his footsteps. We had about 7 different kits and the table was covered in egg dye. Our neighbors the Killpacks were the judges, mostly the little 4 year old girl, which might have given Julia the advantage, as she won the prettiest, and Dennis won the ugliest. Fun times.

Monday, April 27, 2009


We were able to go,(we meaning Dennis and I only), on a cruise. I earned it through Lia Sophia. It was amazing. We had sooooo much fun. It was a five night six day cruise. We did not get a lot of pictures, and some of the pictures are on a water proof camera and have not been developed yet. The first night of the cruise there was a Lia Sophia welcome. We got our own ship hats.

The first day at sea, we explored a lot, played dodge ball and watched March Madness, the second day we went to Grand Cayman. There we para sailed, took a boat tour on the ocean, rode waverunners on the ocean, and walked around the city and shopped. It was beautiful and the weather was amazing.

The third day we went to jamaica. We took a tour, went to a botanical garden, climbed dunn river falls and then again just walked around the city and shopped. I loved Jamamica, but I did not love the sales people.

The last day was at sea and we just relax, layed out and ate ate ate. In fact the food was so good on the ship that Dennis and I together gained more then 10 pds. Ouch!!! We loved cruising and would do it again and again

The day we got off the ship we had a long time before our plane left so we went to the everglades.