Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Boo Boo

This is what happens when a 2 year old roughs around with a old man. Sawyer was playing with a grandpa in church on Sunday, just roughing around, having alot of fun until.....the guy decides to dodge Sawyer's full blast move, resulting in Sawyer runnimg full throttle into a table at eye level. Needless to say the guy felt real bad, and Sawyer comes away with a great battle wound.

Elk Refuge

WE decided to take a little day trip to Jackson for the main purpose of going to the elk refuge. It was fun, Ryan and Dennis talked about the big horns, Sawyer was excited to see reindeer, since that is his favorite thing in the world, Julia had fun, but froze, and I just enjyed the relaxation. We had a lot of fun, but some advice: Don't try to eat out in Jackson Hole before 5 pm, there is nothing open.


I must admit I was not that great about taking pictures this valentines. The kids made thier own valentines and had fun deciding who was going to get which one in their classes. Sawyer had a fun little party at play group. He was way into the candy, what can I say he is a candyoholic. Dennis was sure sweet for valentines, as always, but I must say that this year he was most thoughtful. Since I found out that I am type I diabetic, I have not been able to be a sugar-a-holic. (that must be where Sawywer gets it from) I crave chocolate a lot and these yummy sugar cookies from our local bakery. So for valentines Dennis got me five of those sugar cookies and six dove chocolate bars. The most thoughful part was the notes attached to each cookie. There is this great book by Gary Chapman entitled "The Five Love Languages", well it is a great book and everyone should read it.

Anyhow, he attached something to each cookie that would fullfill one of the love languages. What a sweetheart. I really am lucky to have him and my kids. I love Valentine's Day.


For Ryan's birthday he got a trampoline. I am surprised that I have not blogged about it yet. The kids love it, they spend tons and tons of time on it. Sawyer spends the most time on it. Even when it is VERY cold outside he likes to go out and jump. He prefers if someone will jump with him, but if I will not go out while the kids are at school, he will go by himslef. He spends about 1 hour a day on it. What a great baby sitter.