Thursday, October 22, 2009

always playing catch up

well I am finally caught up through September and if you are really lucky, I might start October before MONDAY, but no promises. Enjoy the last 6 entries!!


Dennis and the kids enjoy spending a lot of time in the yard doing yard work and tinkering! I love our yard, but mostly looking at it and playing in it!! I will be the first to admit that I do not like yard work! Good thing that it is Dennis's favorite thing to do!! So one night Dennis picked for the activity for Family home Evening to bulid a shelter on the playhouse. EVery one was sooo excited, except me, but I did participate. i could not believe how fast they were at going and finding their own hammers!! Well I must admit, it was not the most boring thing that I ever did, and it was very awesome to see Dennis and the kids so happy. The shelter project might not make it through the next storm, but if it is true that a family that works together stays together, then at least we will make it through the storm.


ITZ is a chucke cheese gone way good!! It is a pizza buffet/arcade. Way more fun than chucke cheese. It was a lot of fun and the food was so much better! Ryan has been begging to go here ever since we moved here and we finally did it. It was fairly expensive, so we will not be frequent guests, but super fun! Dennis introduced them to a shooting game that they loved, I thought it was a little much, but they loved playing it and since they were only shooting overgrown bugs I guess it was not that bad, just very gross!! of course they got a ton of tickets and spent way to long deciding what to get!! Fun night all in all!!

Sawyer goes to school

Well Sawyer gets to go to school one day a week this year. To him it is school, really it is just an organized play date, where moms get a break. There is only myself and two other moms doing it. There are three cute little boys altogether! it is fun. Sawyer was SUPER excited to go and could not wait, he got to pack his own lunch and ring the doorbell all my himself. He was soooo excited that he rung the doorbell 5 times. It was super hillarious. He is having a lot of fun and learning to share, super important!!

Ryan gets the rank of bobcat(finally)

Well Ryan has been in scouts for almost a year now, and he finished the requirements for his bobcat about 9 months ago and finally got his rank! He really enjoyed it. I am his scout leader(suprise, suprise!!) and am getting to spend a lot of scout time with him. When Ryan is taking scouts seriously, he is a grand young man.

Jam Session-WII style

We are really lucky and have a house it a GRAND neighborhood. The people are so nice and the kids have some great friends. Ryan's really good friend Elijah comes over a lot and his older brother comes with him a lot also. Ryan plays with him everyday that I let him. They mostly play at our house, which I love, or in the front in the cul-de-sac. This particular day they came over to play the wii. All five kids, our three, plus the two nieghbors, got to participate, so it was a lot of fun. Sawyer was really getting into it dancing and singing his brains out! It was so cute. it was driving everybody else crazy though!


Sawyer and I have been having a lot of fun going to play group. A grand thing about living in a big city is that you get to go to a lot of fun places. This particular week we went to one of the children's museums.
Unfortunatley I forgot my camera, so I did not get to take any pictures, but I did take this one when we got home. There was a lot of really fun things to do. My favorites included an old car that was painted with chalk board paint-so you could write with chalk all over it, a parachute to play with and the face painting. Sawyer's favorite, a toy made for infants to sit under and look at that had a mailbox on it. He made one piece of mail and then for hours would put it in the mail and walk around and take it out. TOOOO funny. He did like getting his face painted, he know exactly what he wanted, a green frog. I think that it is the cutest thing in the whole world. The best part, the children's museum was in a mall, the best mall, so we went shopping when we were done. What a great day!!!