Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2 postings with no pictures

#1) Last night we had brownies for our family home evening treat. It must not have settled well with Sawyer, because in the middle of the night we were awoken to him omitting it form his body through his mouth. Of course, the middle of the night clean up is never that fun, especially on our white carpet with the color of dark brownie throw-up. I was not happy and Sawyer was being his normal AWESOME self and asked me sooo nicely, "Mom, are you done cleaning up the mud?" I said, "WEll Sawyer it is throw-up." Then in is matter-of-factly voice says, "WELLLLLLL, I threw up mud!!!" (I am sure you can imagine the color, after eating dark chocolate brownies)
I just had to laugh, even though the last place I wanted to be in the middle of the night iscleaning up throw-up! What a character!!

#2)The girls in this family, Julia and myself, are not morning people. Getting up in the morning is the last thing that we want to do. Well needlessly to say, getting Julia up to go to school every morning is not a fun activity. Well you can not believe how happy this week has been when I have gone upstairs to get her up and she is already in the tub!! What motivated this behavior??? The chance to read!! After Ryan goes to bed each night he gets to stay up for a little while and read. We have not let Julia do this because she is so hard to get up in the morning. SO when she asked why she does not get to read in bed, I told her because she is too hard to get up in the morning. So I said that if she got up all by herself without me having to fight her for a week, then she could read in bed. Welll it is working marvelously! And all because she wants to read!! I hope my kids always like to read as much as they do now!