Monday, January 19, 2009

Ryan's baptism

Ryan's baptism was a great day. We had alot of family come for the baptism. Ryan was so handsome that day and at the end of his baptism he got up and said a few things. He thanked people for coming and he bore his testimony, I never loved him more then I did at that moment. The only thing that made me sad was to think about how grown up he is. I want him to stay little forever, but it sure is neat to see him grow up and become the person that he is. He is a great kid!!


Again I was not so great about getting pictures, but we did have a good new year's eve. We were at my in-laws. We played games and chatted. I have decided that for my new year's resolution I am just going to try and be better. In all aspects of my life I just want to be better. Here is a funny picture of Julia though. When we started to count down to the new year we told her it was going to be a new year and not her birthday anymore, big, big mistake. She burst into tears, she wanted it to be her birthday until she went to sleep and woke up again. I think she was a little over tired. You think? also for the new year day, the guys went coyote hunting. It was Sawyer's first time to go and he was thrilled. He kept talking about it. They did not get to shoot any coyotes, but they saw something like 14 eagles. SO now when anything is shot, Sawyer will tell you that it is an eagle.

Lu's Happy #6

Sometimes having a birthday on the last day of the year makes it hard, but I would have to say that Julia is very lucky. She got to celebrate her birthday a lot this year. We started with he choice of breakfas, eggs and pancakes w/ her first set of candles. That day we went to the movie to see The Tale of Desperuex. Then we went to the Updikes for New Years, so she got a cake with her 2nd set of candles. Then a week later she had her PJ birthday party, with her cake and 3rd set of candles. I think she got plenty of blowing out candles. For her birthday she got a baby my little pony, the wierd looking stuffed animal that she loves from Ryan, a cheetah sweat suit and a new scripture case. She ahd a great birthday, she ahd 8 girls that came to her party and let me tell you girls can scream!!!!!!!

Massey Christmas get together

The weekend after Christmas we were still clebrating the joyous holiday. We mad e trip to Vernal Ut for the annual pheasant hunt. Unfortunately the hunt was cancelled due to bad weather, but we still had a great tiem hanging with them fam. We had our gift exchange and put the little kids to bed and stayed up WAY to late playing endless games. Carl and Lindsay intoduced us to the game ticket to ride and we loved it. We look forward to purchasing it. We also were able to see the extened Massey family at Bud and Janice's house for the annual bingo get together. I am not sure why but I took no pictures that day. It was fun and we always love the fun bingo prizes. This get together ened our Christmas parties for the year.