Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Glenpool Days

In June we attended the Glenpool Days events.  Glenpool is the suburb that we moved to in Tulsa.  It is a very small surburb and very rural.  Here are the kids on one of the three rides that they chose to go on.
It really would not be a fair without good food and we were not disappointed.  Sawyer chowing down on a funnel cake and Julia enjoying a new favorite of hers, navajo taco.
Ryan being himself, covering his face since I want to take a picture.  I have seen many pictures of Dennis like this as a young boy, I wonder where Ryan gets it from????  Ryan really does not like fair food all that much, but settled on this pretzel, which was stale and gross.

There are way to many things that Dennis and I both love at fairs,but this time we chose a navajo taco, funnel cake and yummy rootbeer to share. Kids take the best pictures, don't ya think?
We also attened the parade and I will just tell you that the looks on the kids faces pretty much sums up the quality of the parade.  LAME-O!!!


Gina Sims said...

I love reading all your updates! I can't believe all the moving adventures you've had! Glad you are enjoying your new area!

Hanni said...

That is such a funny picture of them at the parade! Glad you're enjoying Oklahoma.