Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Last visit to Children's Museum

We took one last trip to the children's museum before we made the grand voyage to Ok.  Ryan brought along a friend with him.  Sawyer spent a ton of time at this exhibit.  It was a magnetic board with pipes and balls.  He wanted to use all the pieces and with my help we finally got it done. 
Julia had a lot of fun at the dance and groove place.  She was a little embarrassed and would stop dancing whenever some one would walk by.  She is a good little dancer though, she is precise and has rythym.  I think she look absolutely adorable in this little hat, with her cute attitude.
Ryan spent most of his time in the pretend grocery store being the "boss".  His favorite thing to "pretend".  He and Julia and his friend had many minutes of fun together.  I think they might all grow up to work in a supermarket. 

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