Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day Trip to Brennam, TX

We took one Saturday and drove up to Brenam, TX.  It was a very quinte little town.  We started the day browsing through the old town town shops and eating at a cafe.  The food was very southern, and good. 

Then we went to the Blue Bell factory.  It was Saturday, so no tours, but we did see a shot film of a tour and then ate some yummy ice cream.  It was only $1 a scoop and they were huge scoops.  We all tried a different kind and this is the day I tasted my most favorite ice cream.  BLue Bell banana pudding.  It was a flavor the Sawyer tried and I loved it!!!!

After the ice cream, we went out to a minature horse farm. There were a lot of new babies.  The kids really liked it.....
especially Ryan.  He loved touching and petting the little horses.  It was hot and humid and I was totally grossed out.  I mean look at how gross those horses look.  Anyway, the kids loved it and did not seem to be bothered by the gross-ness of it!!

This little horse was taking a lick of Julia's foot while she was looking at me for the picture, and she is still not grossed out!!

Even the flies, note the one on Sawyer's forehead, did not keep the kids from spending way too much time touching the horses.  The horses were cute, but the atmosphere was not grand!!!

It was a great day.  I love taking little trips places to see new things.  I love to travel!!!

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