Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ry's field trip

The third graders took a field trip down to the children's museum.  They learned alot about balancing money, having jobs and playing adult this year.  So they took a field trip to kidtropolis, which is a mini town that lets the kids pretend to be adults, well the fun parts of being an adult. 

They started with a picnic in the park and all the boys played games while the girls sat on blankets and chit-chatted.  This whole year I have noticed that the girls and boys really seperated themselves.  Whenever I would go to lunch with Ryan, his whole class voluntarily seperated themselved into boys and girls.  The boys all sat at one one end of the table, then there was a huge empty area and the girls were clear down on the other end. 

After the picnic and games we went to the museum.  Ryan really likes the newsroom.  He likes to preform in front of people.  The one thing he likes most at the children's museum is to gather money on his "debit card"
He runs from one job to the next collecting as many paychecks as possible.

I found Ryan often in the bank being the manager, that way he had access to all the money.  He likes to get money.

This is Ryan with his friend Matthew.  Matthew was a great friend for Ryan. The funny thing about this picture is that I had my camera and asked Ryan is he would like me to take any pictures of him with any of his friends.  He said no, in a mom quit embarrassing tone.  So I asked if he would like to use the camera to take any pictures himself.  He gets all excited takes the camera, walks over to Matthew's mom and asked if she will take a picture of him and Matthew.  Wow, what a blow to me, the un-cool mom!!!  JK, I thought it was very silly!!!

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